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MyBB Installed
This is the first posting with MyBB installed.

The process was somewhat easier than what I had expected and this is the first posting on MYBB.

I am almost amazed and surprised that I was able to get MYBB installed and a post put onto it without any crashes or major problems with the setup.

Louis J. Desy Jr.
I just got the web site change over and working from a Shared Hosting plan to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

I bought the VPS last Sunday and then noticed that the shared hosting plan was still on the account. When I cancelled the shared hosting service I discovered that the entire web site went offline.

While I used the migration feature and the files were on the VPS, I had not setup the DNS properly, so when the shared hosting service got cancelled, the web site went offline until I correct record type A in teh DNS entry.

Louis J. Desy Jr.

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